URUFU is a small company dedicated to the manufacture of material for the practice of martial arts. BudoBag is our main product that arises to meet the needs of transporting weapons for the practice of Japanese martial arts, and other related accessories.

Made and designed in Barcelona

Our designs are unique in the world and our products are designed by textile engineers and manufactured using high quality technical textiles materials.


URUFU around the world

We ship our products from Spain to any part of the world. Happy customers in more than 25 countries y all the continents, less Antartica.


Urufu BudoBag is an innovative bag designed for the transport of martial arts weapons such as Kendo, Iaido or Aikido. Its unique design allows to transport different weapons in an easy, safe and comfortable way. This solves the storage and transport problems of conventional bags.

Urufu is created in 2011, focusing its efforts on the innovation of products and accessories from the world of Japanese martial arts. Urufu Budobag is our first development. It has been designed and manufactured entirely in Barcelona with top quality materials and a highly qualified team. Its design has evolved thanks to the cooperation and practitioners from different schools of Iaido, Kendo and Aikido.

After a year 2012 of hard work and dedication Urufu Budobag is presented as a product of great quality and durability, designed for the practitioner of martial arts.

One year later, in 2013, the Urufu BudoGi garment begins to be commercialized. A gi that uses technical fabric in its confection and that improves the comfort in the practice of the martial arts, adjustment, flexibility, sweat and maintenance.

In 2018 the design of Urufu BudoBag LITE is completed. A version of its older sister with less carrying capacity, but maintaining the same quality standards of its predecessor. A more versatile version to move around the city, by public transport, bicycle or motorbike.

At present we continue working in an artisan way in the manufacture of our products and striving to offer the best product and the best service.