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Carry your equipment

Made (in Barcelona) to facilitate the transport of your weapons. Its interior is designed to hold and protect all your equipment and accessories. Suitable for kendo, iaido, aikido, etc... Available in four colors.

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Urufu bags are designed for the protection and transport of your weapons, it is made with resistant materials that guarantee a long life of our products.

Made to last
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Technical Textile Garment

Keiko Gi designed with high performance textile materials. Enhances your daily practice experience with unprecedented levels of comfort and sweat management. Available in four sizes and colors.

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Versatile version

The simplified version of URUFU Budo Bag. Smaller dimensions and adapted to carry two Iaitos. It has an extendable LuKe system to carry a Jo.

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For the Japanese people the wolf was not just an animal, but a creature with transcendental abilities. A spirit connected to the mountain and predisposed to do good to good people and punish those with dark hearts. The wolf in nature is beneficial to man in its pure state, but it also has a wild and uncontrolled side that can threaten us.

URUFU (Wolf)

John Knight. Anthropologist and Japanese wolf expert.

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